• Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Celebrate and Refocus

    Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Monday Oct 10, 2022 starting at 5:30pm at Everson Art Museum Plaza in Downtown Syracuse. Change the Calendars in the Syracuse City School District with Indigenous Peoples Day! Learn More

  • Fund the Onondaga Nation School

    Contact NYS Legislative Leaders to Support Indigenous Schools! New York State has consistently underfunded the three schools serving Indigenous students on their own nations for decades Take Action online by signing a petition. Learn More

  • Land Rights Action

    On March 11, 2005 the Onondaga Nation filed a historic Land Rights Action in federal court in Syracuse. Learn about the specific goals of the Onondaga Land Rights Action. Learn More

  • Replace Columbus

    Stay up to date with court decisions over the Columbus Statue in Syracuse. Sign up to get a lawn sign to support Replace Columbus and more. Learn More

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