Good Friends Garden

People from The Onondaga Nation and Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation have been collaborating on a garden project for about 7 years now, known as The Good Friends Garden. The idea for the garden came as NOON and Onondaga people found they wanted to learn more about each other while working together in an active, productive and meaningful way. Everyone involved was interested in learning more about gardening, as well as, becoming better friends, and so The Good Friends Garden was started. People from Onondaga generously donated space for the Garden, first near the buffalo field, and then a couple of years later in a field near the Onondaga Firehouse on Rte. 11A where it remains today.

There have been about 10 consistent gardeners with many more coming for occasional work days. Our interests have expanded to include taking classes in permaculture and bringing a Mayan permaculture teacher to meet the group, holding a Seed and Plant Giveaway for Nation residents each Spring, bringing Haudenosaunee elders and teachers to teach about seed saving and traditional gardening, helping to bring honeybees to the Nation and giving away vegetables to elders and others from the bounty of the garden.

Our biggest challenges have been having enough time in our busy schedules to garden together and finding organic ways to rid the field of an invasive weed called English Cocklebur. Our relationships as friends and neighbors have deepened as we find time to garden together, laugh, share stories and several times a year have meetings/potluck dinners to plan for what is next.

If you have an interest in helping in the spring, you can contact Cindy Squilace at 415-5508 or

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