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The Peace Council is politically independent and grassroots.  Everything we do relies on people-power – we are a community of individuals committed to growing a movement to challenge the existing unjust power relationships among nations, among people and between ourselves and the environment. There are many ways to get involved in the Peace Council – showing up at an event, joining an issue committee, lending a helping-hand at the office, attending or organizing a rally or demonstration, baking cookies for an event, distributing the Peace Newsletter around town, post event fliers…it’s all about people power.

To get started, contact Lee, (315) 472-5478.  

Want to become a member? Sign up to volunteer or donate any amount to the Syracuse Peace Council to support peace and our efforts to replace inequality, hierarchy, domination and powerlessness with mutual respect, personal empowerment, cooperation and a sense of community.

Ways to Get Involved

  • May 2023 – The New SPC in Action

    This is our first SPC in Action Newsletter on our recently redesigned website! In this newsletter, we have SPC in Action, SPC News, Committee & Organizations Updates and Activists News.

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  • Volunteer with the Peace Council

    Join us and help with our Spring and Summer 2023 Events! SPC has a number of exciting actions and events including: Medea Benjamin Book tour is April 20 and 21, 2023 (more information to come) Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal and our ongoing campaign for the November 11 People’s…

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  • Speak out against war at Street Heat

    Looking For Flexible  — No Meeting,  No Committee —  Opportunity To Oppose War And Oppression And Work For Peace And Social Justice? We call it STREET HEAT: an easy, uncomplicated way –in solidarity with a handful of others — to  stand up and out for what we stand for. Greeting passing traffic at rush hour…

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