BWaM Statement of Purpose

Beyond War and Militarism (BWaM) is a joint committee of the SPC and the CNY Solidarity Coalition. It draws resources from both parent organizations and enhances their interrelationship. 

The Committee is dedicated to nonviolent protest of:

  1. United States’ or NATO’s participation in multiple wars and plans to engage in other wars.
  2. The acceptance of nuclear weapons as tools of war.
  3. The enormous size of the so-called “defense” budget.
  4. The pervasive infiltration of militarism into U.S. culture and power structure.
  5. The corporate state that is the primary beneficiary and supporter of this militarism.

The committee meets at least once monthly. Our aim is to increase people’s awareness of the dangers of government and corporate militaristic policies and practices. We have initiated a series of public educational events at ArtRage Gallery (these have been put on hold for the duration of the Covid pandemic). Additional current activities include petitioning our elected representatives regarding these dangers and organizing demonstrations in protest. We also plan to support campaigns for divestment.

In addition to the present wars in which the US is involved*, the preparation for even more war is damaging in so many ways. The gross misallocation of public funds to military purposes represents theft from other, more legitimate government activities and services. This affects all of the issues upon which committees of the Coalition focus.

Please send an email to: Diane Swords for additional information or to get involved.

* The US is currently at war in: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Niger.

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