Alternative Education Series

This is the EVENT ROSTER of the events THE CNY BEYOND WAR AND MILITARISM COMMITTEE (BwaM) has organized since we formed.
Unless otherwise noted, all events have been held @ ArtRage Gallery, We look forward to continuing our educational programs when conditions allow.


APRIL 5 War and Warming: We Can’t Save the Planet Without Taking on Militarism” with Pat Hynes.


JANUARY 16 Iran Community Discussion (post-Suliemani drone assassination)

NOVEMBER 11 “Reclaiming Armistice Day,” third annual commemoration @ Billings Park, downtown Syracuse

All other 2020 events cancelled or postponed due to COVID restrictions.


JANUARY 6 Kings Bay Plowshares update (Clare Grady, KBP prisoner of conscience, w/ Ellen Grady @ All Saints Church)

FEBRUARY 18 Venezuela (Richard Gaunt, former TELESUR journalist)

MARCH 18  “Nuclear War: Countering the Growing Threat,” (Ira Helfand MD, ICAHN; Physicians for Social Responsibility)

APRIL 29 “Myths of War,” (Greta Zarro, Organizing Director, World Beyond War)

JULY 23 “Calling out U.S. Dept. of Energy,” (John Amidon & Sheri Bauer, Upstate Drone Action Network)

AUGUST 19 “The Climate Crisis is Upon Us,” (Dahr Jamail, unembedded Iraq War journalist; author)

SEPTEMBER 19 “The Quagmire of U.S. Militarism in Africa,” (Prof Horace Campbell, African American Studies, S.U.)

OCTOBER 21  “#No War 2019: Global Conference…” (Greta Zarro, Ron Van Norstrand and Julia Ganson)

NOVEMBER 11 Second Annual Reclaiming Armistice gathering (@ City Hall – Mayor Ben Walsh reads City of Syracuse Armistice Day Proclamation)


JANUARY 18 War and Racism Panel (Aly Wane, immigration rights activist; Rebecca Fuentes, Syracuse Workers Center; Herve Comeau, attorney)

FEBRUARY 19 “North Korea and the Nuclear Issue,” (Prof George Kallander, Maxwell School, S.U.)

MARCH 19 “Puerto Rico: The World’s Oldest Colony,” (Julio Urrutia; Dave Kashmir, local Veteran for Peace)

APRIL 17 War and Environment, (Prof. Jack Manno, ESF)

JUNE 26 “Don’t Bank on the Bomb,” (SPC’S Nuclear Free World Committee)

JULY 16 “Let Yeminis Live,” (Kathy Kelly, Voices for Creative Nonviolence, @ All Saints Church)

late AUGUST Anti-Nuclear and Drone Petitioning @ NY State Fair (three or four days)

SEPTEMBER 17 “Implications of War Abolition” (Greta Zarro, World Beyond War)

OCTOBER 10 “Rapprochment with North Korea?” (Prof Fred Carriere, Maxwell School, S.U.)

NOVEMBER 11 First Annual Armistice Day Commemoration @ Billings Park (Ron Van Norstrand, Veterans for Peace)

NOVEMBER 13 Reinvest CNY (Katelyn Kriesel, Hansen’s Advisory Services)

NOVEMBER 27 “Insights on Peace and War…” (Col. Ann Wright, U.S. Army Ret., international peace activist)

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