Why Donate to the Peace Council?

Founded in 1936, the Syracuse Peace Council (SPC) is the oldest continuously operating, grassroots peace and justice organization in the country. SPC has never been more important than in this time of hot wars, vast and unprecedented military expenditures, and deep political turmoil.  Especially in times of deep crisis, the Peace Council offers an invaluable, supportive community engaged in a collective struggle for justice, liberation, and peace. 

We are largely a volunteer-led organization and currently have just two part-time paid staff organizers who accomplish a great deal with limited resources. While there always seems to be enough money for war, resources for peace and justice are hard won.  We depend almost entirely on individual donations and need your help to pay staff a fair wage, keep the lights on, and effectively support our active committees.

Whether you donate monthly or a couple times a year, $100 or $10, you’ll be in the good company of hundreds of Central New Yorkers who believe that peace and justice are worth working for.

Our latest fundraising appeal can be found here!

How To Donate

Use this button to donate with your credit card or by PayPal

A word about making a tax deductible donation. 

For most people filing taxes, donations of even $50 or more do not end up being deducted from taxes. We recommend checking here first to see if your charitable contribution will be deductible. Charitable Deductions 

If you prefer to make your donation tax deductible, you may mail a check written to Peace Action Fund of New York State (put “for SPC” in the memo line.) Or,  click here to donate online. PAFNYS

Consider adding an extra 6% to your donation; this covers our cost to PAFNYS for providing the tax deductible service.

Mailing Address: Syracuse Peace Council, 2013 E. Genesee St. Syracuse, NY 13210

Donating to the Syracuse Peace Council (PDF)

Pledge to Syracuse Peace Council

We particularly appreciate the monthly and quarterly pledges so please consider becoming a SPC pledger. This stable funding is crucial to our organization. You can set up a recurring monthly donation via PayPal and many financial institutions. If you are a member of the Syracuse Cooperative Federal Credit Union, SPC’s bank, you can ask a teller to help you set up a recurring donation through an automatic transfer. For more information on how to donate, click here.

Donating from a Tax-Deferred Retirement Account

This is a good option if you are at least 70.5 years old and want to contribute from a tax-deferred retirement account. Ask your financial professional about making a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) in which a direct donation from your retirement account to our non-profit fiscal sponsor Peace Action Fund of NYS (PANYS) for the benefit of SPC while not incurring taxes. (Funds distributed directly to you from a retirement account will be taxed as income).

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