Rae Kramer: A Celebration of Life!

Rae’s Light article in May 2023 SPC in Action Newsletter:


On March 23, Rae Kramer (1947-2023)—pillar of the Syracuse Peace Council, costumed raffle lady of SPC’s Plowshares Craftsfair, pointed speaker of truth to court judges, girls’ soccer coach—after years of cancer, succumbed at her and Lanny Freshman’s home on Scottholm Blvd. Until near the very end, Rae, our local activist extraordinaire, was always smart and plucky!

Over the years Rae and I shared adventures…

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Rae Kramer, as the official Plowshares Craftsfair raffle ticket agent, in 2015.
Rae Kramer, as the official Plowshares Craftsfair raffle ticket agent, in 2015.

Rae at Protests

Killer Drone Protests at the Hancock Drone Military Base

There are killer drones taking off from Syracuse, to fly overseas and kill people, including innocent civilians, in their own homes. This was a cause dear to Rae.

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Other Protests

From protesting against the invasion of Iraq and U.S. engaging in wars, Rae stood for peaceful resolution and redirecting funding from war to people, including to providing healthcare for all. She sang with the Raging Grannies, and has risked getting arrested for her peaceful protests in Syracuse and in protest of the School of the Americas.

Plowshares Craftsfairs: Rae Kramer, Official Raffle Ticket Agent

Rae was always a colorful, engaging, and active part of Plowshares Craftsfairs, in her official raffle ticket agent hat.

SPC Birthdays and Events

Through the years Rae has supported SPC’s activities in many ways, from SPC birthday dinners, SPC Bowlathon fundraisers, SPC organizing work (including her work in PNL editorial committee) and in many other ways.

And More…

Rae Kramer has stayed active over the years and has given a lot to our activist community here in Syracuse, and we remember her fondly.

Rae Kramer: A Celebration of Life, April 23, 2023

On April 23, 2023, we gathered at the University United Methodist Church to remember Rae Kramer, and celebrate her life. This was an event where many people shared stories, music, and told us about the many sides of Rae and how her actions and considerate attitude towards everyone has had impact in so many people’s lives.

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