Statement on Recent Accusations of Anti-Semitism

By SPC Steering Committee & Justice for Palestine Committee

It has come to the attention of SPC’s Steering Committee that accusations of anti-semitism are being circulated about the Peace Council. To be perfectly clear:

  • There are many forms of oppression designed to prevent solidarity among different groups as well as provide more power and wealth to other groups. Antisemitism is one of those forms.
  • SPC condemns anti-semitism, as it does all forms of oppression.
  • SPC criticizes the US government along with many other governments across the globe. There are those who believe that any form of criticism of the government of Israel is by its nature anti-semitic. SPC does not believe that.
  • SPC is committed to nonviolence as an operating principle and that is a central element of our vision for the world we work to create. We discuss that and our relationship to liberation struggles at
  • SPC believes that BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) as a tactic in putting pressure on a government to change its policies is a nonviolent tactic.

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