Educate, Agitate, Organize

Educate, Agitate, Organize

An in depth look at the history of one of the nations oldest activism groups. “Educate, Agitate, Organize” chronicles the rise and successes of the Syracuse Peace Council. Composed of interviews with members it serves as a graphic look into the history and current work of this remarkable group.

Educate, Agitate, Organize: The Syracuse Peace Council provides a graphic look at the history and current work of the oldest, local, autonomous peace and social justice organization in the United States.

This film is dedicated to the countless people throughout the world whose lives have been devastated by war and injustice and to all those who have struggled to make it right.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Video Committee: Tim Brachocki, Rae Kramer, Andy Mager

Videography and Editing: Tim Brachocki, Syracuse Alternative Media Network

Committee Adjuncts: Carol Baum, Dik Cool, Dave Griola, Jackie Hayes, Ed Kinane, Richard Vallejo. Narration: Mardea Warner

Partial Funding provided by the Cultural Resources Council through the NYS Senator John DeFrancisco Arts and Cultural Grant and Heritage Grant Programs

Interviewees: Gabe Barry Caufield, Carol Baum, Magda Bayoumi, Jerry Berrigan, Gary Bonaparte, John Brule, Horace Campbell, Dik Cool, Brian Dominick, David Easter, Sam Feld, Bill Griffen, Karen Hall, Ed Kinane, Rae Kramer, Angus MacDonald, Andy Mager, Jessica Maxwell, Glenda Neff, Marcia Rothenberg, Marge Rusk, Mardea Warner, Mary Ann Zepetello.

Photos: Paul Pearce, Ruth Putter, Andy Mager, Ray Trudell, Michael Greenlar, Olga Diamond, Mima Cataldo, Carol Baum, Ann Tiffany…

Photo scanning and video assistance: Roger Cunningham, Ian Kowaleski

Video footage: Paul Pearce, WIXT Channel 9, WSTM Channel 3, Mike Ney

Archival newsclips: Peace Newsletter, Syracuse Post-Standard, Syracuse Herald-Journal, Syracuse Herald-American

Music Research: Lea Abe, Anna Hadingham, Colleen Kattau, Karen Mihalyi, Mayer Shevin

Music: “Caravan” Colleen Kattau, “Keep on Moving Forward” Pat Humphries, “Peace Salaam Shalom” emma’s revolution: Pat Humphries and Sandy O, “If You Want Peace” Charlie King, “Peace Loving Nation” Jolie Christine Rickman

Thanks to the thousands of people whose time, effort and money has sustained the Peace Council over seven decades of educating, agitating and organizing for a world of peace and justice for all people.

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