SPC Affiliated Projects and Coalition

Urban Jobs Task Force Sign their petition on the Syracuse Resident Emplyment Ordinance here; download the petition here

An organization made up of community groups; faith based organizations and con-cerned citizen, dedicated to creating a local economy that provides good jobs and job training for local communities of color, low income families and more opportuni-ties for local woman and minority-owned enterprises.

We are currently working on the Syracuse Resident Employment Ordinance which would strive to provide:
1. Jobs for city residents. By setting a 20% hiring goal for big city construction, service and public works contracts. Half of that goal must be reserved for impoverished neighborhoods or for per-sons who are in a workforce database.
2. Local Community-Private Partnership. Community organizations, unions, workforce developers and advocates would help contractors find skilled resident labor so they successfully meet the goals of the ordinance.
3. Gathering of the job data. The ordinance requires that the employers must submit certified pay-roll data electronically into a city database. This would ensure employers are complying with the ordinance.
4. Accountability and Transparency. The city must continuously monitor the resident workforce hours and report to the Common Council quarterly

Alliance of Communities Transforming Syracuse (ACTS)

Alliance for a Green Economy (AGREE)

Move to Amend

United Anti-War Coalition

Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars