Getting out the vote for the Presidential and Congressional District 24 election

Getting out the vote for the Presidential election:


SPC’s message is clear - we strongly believe that Trump and his supporters must not win the election. In fact, he needs to lose by a landslide. While we are not at all enthusiastic about Biden, we understand that in order for Trump to lose, Biden has to win. We will put pressure on Biden from day 1. 

  • A comprehensive and practical guide to how you can get involved with electoral work, as well as really down to earth guidance about how to decide what’s right for you!  Check out Daniel’s “No Regrets” Guide to Taking Effective Action in the 2020 Election .  It is an incredible resource!

  • In addition to the options Daniel offers, you might want to join a Greenpeace Volunteer Team  “WE KNOW THERE'S A LOT AT STAKE IN 2020. This election is critical in setting the stage for the political fight to pass a Green New Deal — and to make sure we vote Trump out of office in November. These volunteer teams will be contacting TWO MILLION potential climate voters to make sure they have everything they need to vote.”
  • And there are even more opportunities to fit your tastes and talents in contributing to getting out the vote for Biden.  Check out Misfit Phone Bankers to Save the World  If you accept the invitation to join #Misfitsforbiden, a team of humans all across the Anti-Trump spectrum who only need one thing in common: to vote that lying fascist monster OUT, you will receive upbeat, consistent, and always positive support from the leadership team.  This organization has targeted Pennsylvania for their efforts, and has joined a Pennsylvania based team led by former Bernie supporters (not the Democratic party).  They offer easy tech options and there is an excellent script available online as you make your calls.  

  • Or you can join Nurses for Biden (no need to be a nurse!).  “Defeating Trump — and building the grassroots movement required to transform our country — won’t be easy. It’s going to take all of us coming together and putting in the work to make it happen... We’ll be reaching out to voters in key swing states through texting and phone calling to relay our message and do our part to help turn out a record number of voters this November.”  Check them out here. 

  • Indivisible is also organizing phone banking.  Sign up for a shift making calls to voters in key states to connect them directly and make sure they're ready to take part in the 2020 election. You can volunteer from anywhere, and we'll follow up and make sure you have everything you need to contact voters once you sign up. In order to volunteer, folks will need access to a computer or tablet to log in to our remote phonebanking system as well as a phone to actually make the calls.

  • Locally, every Tuesday at 7pm, Indivisible NY24 will gather on Zoom to reach out to voters in key states/districts targeted by Indivisible by letter-writing and text banking. If you haven’t previously completed the online training for text banking, you can’t do the text-banking using this platform, but letter-writing is open to all. If you would prefer to try phone-banking with Indivisible’s platform, contact The CNY Soldiarity Coalition to help you get set up.

Getting out the vote for the Congressional District 24 Election Katko needs to lose this election to Dana Balter. Dana has been endorsed by NYS Peace Action. They state, “Dana Balter shares our commitment to putting a stop to endless wars and nuclear proliferation. She would audit the Pentagon budget and provide meaningful oversight, shifting money to the gutted State Department and other human needs. She will be a forceful voice in Congress for a safe, peaceful, just world.” Again, there will be some issues we will be pressuring her on, but she is far superior to Katko and will listen.

  • Text-Banking with Indivisible24 for Dana. If you’ve been trained and set up on TextOut (Indivisible’s text-banking platform), join Indivisible members throughout NYS in texting CNY voters to support Dana Balter. Check the CNY Solidarity Coalition website.

  • For more opportunities to volunteer for Dana, go here.