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New SU/ESF Campaign Seeks Divestment from Fossil Fuel Industry

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by Stephanie Lee, Chiara Klein, Mike Smith, and Ben Kuebrich

Two thousand twelve brought not only record breaking temperatures, but also superstorms like Hurricane Sandy, record drought, and recent brushfires that have ravaged Australia. The earth is sending us a message: we cannot continue our rate of greenhouse gas emissions without facing dire consequences.


Walking for Peace: No More Fukushimas

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Amelia Ramsey-Lefevre

As you read this, about a dozen activists are circumnavigating Lake Ontario on foot – a total of 400 miles – to publicize the presence and impact of the 17 nuclear reactors and a handful of uranium mining and fuel production sites on its shores. The Peace Walkers remind us that “it has been proven time and time again that humans do not have the capability to control the long-term effects of nuclear power from uranium mining to power production and radioactive waste.