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New SU/ESF Campaign Seeks Divestment from Fossil Fuel Industry

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by Stephanie Lee, Chiara Klein, Mike Smith, and Ben Kuebrich

Two thousand twelve brought not only record breaking temperatures, but also superstorms like Hurricane Sandy, record drought, and recent brushfires that have ravaged Australia. The earth is sending us a message: we cannot continue our rate of greenhouse gas emissions without facing dire consequences.

New Yorkers Against Fracking Organizing Meeting

Tue, Jan 29, 2013 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Onondaga Free Library, 4840 West Seneca Turnpike Syracuse, NY 13215

Be part of the growing and persistant resistance to hydrofracking in New York. We'll debrief from the January 9 rally in Albany, share the latest in New York State-level developments and makes plans for moving forward in growing our movement for a frack-free New York State.  Political leaders on all levels must be on notice, they must not allow fracking to begin anywhere in New York. Come on out on January 29 to join other CNY fracktivists to prepare and organize for the coming months!


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Citizens of Auburn Stand Up to Hydro-Fracking

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by Alex Bissell

Hydro-fracking is an issue that is cropping up in the public consciousness of New York with increasing frequency. Rallies, like the one on June 2 at Auburn, are becoming more and more common. With the DEC’s release of the draft SGEIS, citizen action to ensure the government is looking out for their best interests is becoming very important.

So, what is hydro-fracking and why is it so detrimental to the health of humans and the environment? These questions call for a compact introduction to this messy subject.