Editors Note: Antisemitism and Islamophobia

From the May/June 2019 PNL #866

by Editors

Editors’ note: We decided to include in this issue three articles on the interrelated topics of antisemitism and Islamophobia. We rarely commit three articles in a single issue to exploring one set of topics but felt it was critical to more fully explore these complex and often contentious types of racism.

We have done so partially in response to recent accusations of antisemitism from external sources and discussions within the Peace Council, which resulted in SPC’s Statement on Recent Accusations of Antisemitism (March/April 2019 PNL, also peacecouncil.net/statements). We also do so because these experiences have led us to recommit to firmlyheld values that have existed for many years: standing against racism of all types and against war, and using nonviolence to fight for a world with justice and equality for all.

The three articles can be read separately or together, in any order, and understood ontheir own, with multiple interpretations and meaning, as always. We believe that the pieces “speak to each other” about racism, bigotry and ideology, and how political ideology can be used as a weapon in our current political milieu. May this trio produce more discussion and debate within our SPC community!

We wish to sincerely thank our authors for these three perspectives and approaches to difficult topics—Elliott Bazzano , Carole Resnick and Julie Gozan, and Ariel Gold
and Elijah Gold.