Resisting Drones, Global War and Empire

April 26-28 in Syracuse

From the June 2013 PNL #825

by Carol Baum

On April 26-28 about 250 people converged on Syracuse for a weekend of education, networking and action to resist drones, global war and empire. Friday was a gathering; Saturday a day of workshops, networking and playing together; and by Sunday’s rally/ march/ civil resistance at Hancock Air Base, the numbers had risen to 275.

The Convergence was organized by the Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars, hosted by the Syracuse Peace Council and sponsored by close to 70 groups. People traveled here from throughout the northeast and further; old connections were deepened and new friendships made. It was truly a grassroots event, the work of many, many people. We are especially indebted to the Southwest Community Center and their very patient, friendly and accommodating staff. To help with SPC’s Ground the Drones, End the Wars Committee, contact Carol at SPC.





1. Horace Campbell speaks on “Ending the Fabrication of the War on Terror: Lessons from Africa.” Saturday featured 20 workshops with speakers from all over the world. Photo: David Pittman

2&3. Sunday’s march was lead by a funeral procession, with mourners carrying coffins draped in the flags of countries whose people have been victims of US drone attacks. Also included was a coffin for US soldiers, the US Constitution in shreds, and a torn UN Charter. Photos: Photo: Kristin Mosher (2) Kim McCoy (3)

4. Members of the Veterans for Peace contingent had a busy weekend. Saturday started with a banner drop in downtown Syracuse  followed by a workshop on veterans responding to “…but drones save lives.” On Sunday, they read names of victims of US drone attacks and some were arrested. Photo: Kim McCoy

5. Activists stage a “die-in” in front of Hancock’s main entrance. 31 people were arrested Sunday, most during the “die-in.” Most were charged with obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct. All 31 were issued an order of protection and told to stay away from Greg Semmel, the Base Commander – even though hardly anyone knew who he is. Photo: David Pittman