The So-called "WAR ON TERROR"

From the January/February 2016 PNL #848

By The PNL Editorial Committee

This issue of the Peace Newsletter debunks the US’ so-called “War on Terror.” The quotation marks are purposeful. The phrase was pushed by the G.W. Bush administration after 9/11/01. It has been downplayed by the Obama administration, yet it has persisted in the public conversation about the US military presence worldwide. The worldview represented is simplistic: “We are the innocent good guys; they are the bad guys who want to destroy all that is right and good (namely us); and we have the right and obligation to stop them in any which way that we can to protect our interests. This country is the greatest in the world and anyone against us must be bad.” Peace Council activists condemn and challenge this worldview, as well as what drives it: the desire to control the world’s resources.

The articles look at the so-called “War on Terrorism” through the lenses of the different project committees of the Peace Council. While the emphases vary, there are common themes: the US as a perpetrator of terrorism throughout its history; the exploitation of fear to justify increased US military domination around the world and reduced civil liberties at home; the racist underpinnings in defining who the enemies are, both abroad and at home; and acknowledging that the role the US has taken in the world has given many legitimate reason to hate us.

With knowledge comes the responsibility of action. Please join your voice with ours.