From the January/February 2016 PNL #848

By Rae Kramer

The Peace Council’s Plowshares Craftsfair and Peace Festival is an annual event that brings together thousands of people for fellowship, fun, good eats, entertainment and commerce the way we’d like it to be. It is a two-day manifestation of hours of organizing, planning, creating, and asking for help. The backbone is the volunteer Plowshares Committee, which meets all year, and does a good part of its work around the potluck dinner table (to see who’s on the Committee or to join, see page 12).

Much work is also done by staff, supported by volunteers who must be recruited, trained and organized. By the time one counts the folks who do set-up, clean-up, serve as “greeters,” make signs, solicit donations, staff SPC tables and do whatever else is needed to create the Plowshares experience – this is a lot of people. So…thanks to all, for whatever your part in supporting “the best multi-cultural craftsfair in Central New York.”

Because Plowshares is a big deal for us – both in terms of our reliance on the funds generated and the wonderful time it is – we want to share a behind-the-scenes look. Over the coming months we will describe various pieces of the Plowshares puzzle and acknowledge those who make it work. We begin with the Raffle.

The Raffle has been a source of funds for many years. The MANY (usually at least 50!) prizes come from local businesses, artists/craftspeople, and individual attics and closets (e.g., that “odd” vase from Aunt Tillie becomes a treasured find for a prizewinner). Every year we gather a collection of disparate prizes, and there are some donors we always count on to give something highly desirable. We want to thank them publicly and encourage SPC supporters to support them. So…please say “Hi” from SPC at:

Bersani Gallery, Eureka Crafts, Grindstone Farm, Nottingham Pet Clinic, Strong Hearts Café, Syracuse Cultural Workers, Cooperative FCU, and Syracuse Real Food Coop.

Thanks too, to the other prize donors and the folks who sell and buy tickets (still at the pre-recession price of $1 for 1, 6 for $5). And remember, your “trash” is our treasure. See you next year. S

– Rae Kramer
Your official raffle ticket agent, aka the woman with the bee-yu-tee-ful raffle hat.