American Women and the Right to Kill

From the April 2013 PNL #823

by John Amidon

To the Editor:

Love and pain has compelled this letter. Several weeks ago it was announced women are now fully vetted for front line combat. As a former Marine, trained at Paris Island, SC and taught how to kill, there is little doubt in my mind, women will be highly effective in combat. I am sure they will effectively participate with the same Esprit de Corps as men. The psychological techniques of classical and operant conditioning, now fully developed and highly refined, will turn all but the best of us into programmed killers.

And yes feminism works for gender equality and a new gender equality has been achieved. “You have come a long way, baby” as the expression goes. Yet author and poet Sharon Doubiago expresses a jaw-dropping and pivotal insight, “Men create war to compete with women, who create life.” As a man I doubt I can completely understand the depth of this statement. If you are a woman I am praying that you can.

This is breaking my heart. Please forgive me but I don’t want you to have the same opportunity to participate fully in the murderous conduct of our species. I don’t want you to kill women, children and men who are noncombatants and return home only to wake up to a new nightmare far worse than the nightmare of combat. I don’t want you to be part of the suicide epidemic and receive the same neglect and mistreatment as your male counterparts and most emphatically I don’t want you to believe you have to kill to be equal.

- John Amidon