Advertising in the Peace Newsletter

The Peace Newsletter accepts advertising to help cover some of the costs of publication. We retain the right to reject advertisements which conflict with the Peace Council's mission.


Ad Rates for the Peace Newsletter

(Newsletter of the Syracuse Peace Council)



Size on page



1-3 times per year

4+ times / year

Full page

10 in.

7½ in.

$195 each

$160 each

Half page

43/4 in.

7½ in.

$110 each

$90 each

Quarter page

43/4 in.

35/8 in.

$60 each

$50 each

One-eighth page

21/4 in.

35/8 in.

$35 each

$30 each


All the above costs are for camera-ready ads. If layout or reformatting is required, it will be billed at $20/hour. Ads can be submitted as hard copy or in the following file formats: TIF, JPEG, GIF or PDF (fonts should be embedded in PDFs). Digital files can be emailed to

The Peace Newsletter is printed monthly (except for the combined July-August and November-December issues). Of the 4,000 copies printed, 450 are mailed to subscribers and the remainder are distributed for free pick up at over 150 sites in Central New York.

The Peace Newsletter has limited advertising compared to other publications, providing greater exposure and visibility to the ads which are run.

Space typically needs to be reserved by the 10th of the month prior to publication (earlier for larger ads) and the copy submitted by the 15th of the month.

Contact Amelia with questions or ad reservations.