Our annual Plowshares Craftsfair & Peace Festival is almost here – December 3-4!  After two years away, we will be returning to Nottingham High School, 3100 E Genesee St, Syracuse.

Our brand new staff organizers could use our help in organizing – and there are many ways to help, both large and small. Training and resources will be provided. Many of these can be done from home. Samples are below. 

Please fill out the google form below or contact Carol carol@peacecouncil.net or 315.472.5478 and we can talk about what you would enjoy doing. 

  • Publicity and Outreach: Get Plowshares on online calendars of all kinds. Be on the lawnsign team: help clean and fix our older signs; distribute lawn signs; put up the beautiful (but large) A-frame signs. Post flyers around town.
  • Social media: Be part of a social media team, focusing on facebook, twitter and instagram. But if you have TikTok, video or other social media skills, that is great too.
  • Silent Auction: The fun is the search, and knowing how people will be bidding on what you find! Calling lists are provided, but you might have some ideas. Help is also needed with display preparation.
  • SPC Marketplace: The Marketplace can always use someone who enjoys creating displays.
  • SPC Table: We’d love to find someone with an artistic touch to assemble a poster of SPC Year in Review (materials provided).
  • Help with needs as they arise: Could be errands, phone calls, fixing things, small tasks. Having help with this can make a tough day become wonderful.
  • Volunteers: We need people to call for volunteers to staff the weekend. And volunteers to do something that weekend (more detail on that as we get closer to Plowshares)
  • Help transport larger items with a truck or a van.

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