Marginalized Memories—Remembering our LGBTQIA+ Siblings in Orlando and the Systemic Injustices that Link Us All

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Monday marked CNY Pride Week Day 1 and I had a moment of reprieve in my schedule—or perhaps the overwhelming emotions I am experiencing forced me to take respite—to join the vigil in downtown Syracuse to honor the Orlando Shooting victims, the vast majority of whom were black, Latinx, other people of color, and some possibly transgender. I have not had much time to process these events, as my heart is going to my friends in Orlando and to all of my community.

U.S. Veteran Welcomed By Afghan Peace Volunteers

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“Are you crazy?” “Are you out of your mind?” My friends’ concerns were foremost in my mind as I boarded Turkish Air Flight 706 bound for Kabul, Afghanistan. I had recently learned that US Embassy personnel no longer drive the streets of Kabul; they travel by helicopter.  As recently as October 3, 2015 the US military had “accidentally” bombed a Doctors Without Borders Hospital in the provincial capital Kunduz, north of Kabul, incinerating many patients as they lay in their beds.