Study Group Wraps Up

SPC's Poverty & Segregation Study Group held its final meeting on Tuesday, May 3. Over the last 4 months we have discussed the history of explicit legal segregation in the early 20th century, the forced removal of the residents of the 15th Ward, one of the few neighborhoods black residents lived, when Route 81 was built, urban renewal, the civil rights movement in Syracuse, the War on Poverty as government agencies and community organizations tried to implement it here, public and other subsidized housing, the concept and validity of "concentrated poverty", segregation in Syracuse today, gentrification, attempts to desegregate schools, and much more. In April, we heard from Sally Santagelo of CNY Fair Housing about their report Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing and read from the books Salt City & Its Black Community and Human Rights in Syracuse, as well as many articles, which can be found here.

The group started to make sense of and investigate how to address the recent reports that Syracuse is one of the most segregated cities in the country, with the highest black and hispanic populations living in extreme poverty tracts, and with a child poverty rate of around 50%. Participants made commitments to aid each other and keep each other abreast of local initiatives. Discussions of how to proceed are ongoing.

Protesting National SWAT Conference in CNY

Erica Brock, Catholic Worker, War Resisters League,
April 27 press conference, downtown Syracuse.

In April, SPC worked with community groups from across the state to expose a secrective police conference in the area and deepen the discussion about police militarization, transparency, and Islamophobia in policing. 

David Swanson, Author of War is a Lie, to Speak
, April 25 at 7pm
ArtRage Gallery, 505 Hawley Ave., Syracuse
(although donations welcome)

Author, activist and journalist David Swanson comes to Syracuse, speaking to celebrate the publication of the second edition of his groundbreaking book, War is a Lie.

War Is A Lie thoroughly refutes every major argument used to justify wars, drawing on evidence from numerous past wars, even those that have been defended as just. This is a handbook of sorts, an engaging, informative manual that can be used to debunk future lies before wars have any chance to begin.

An extraordinarily energetic and engaging speaker, David hosts Talk Nation Radio, is the campaign coordinator of Roots Action and is a director of World Beyond War. He blogs at and See below for a sampling of his writing.

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A sampling of David's articles:

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Highlighted Events

SPC In Action

Guantanamo Protest

Rae Kramer and Ed Kinane at the New York State Fair Sept. 1. Kinane was arrested by state police on a trespassing charge. (Photo: Paul Weichselbaum)