Thursday, March 19 • 5 pm
Rally and March
Clinton Square

corner of James & Salina Sts.

Sign making party  Wednesday, 5 pm

On the 12th anniversary of the illegal invasion of Iraq we will SPEAK OUT against more war in our names.

US involvement in Iraq and Syria is one factor supporting the existence and strength of ISIS as we know it today (see our op-ed and Steering Committee statement), so why does the President think the same approach will give a different result now? US-led bombing in Iraq and Syria has led to many civilian deaths and the destruction of needed infrastructure, and it has also siphoned huge amounts of resources from the US economy that could otherwise benefit those who need it most here at home.

Join us to call on our representatives to stand up for peace and diplomacy! March through downtown Syracuse to demand an end to endless war!

Contact Ursula or Amelia, 472-5478.

Highlighted Events

SPC In Action

Cheney Protest

Paul St. Amand with VFP flag and Syracuse Peace Council members protest VP Dick Cheney at Ft. Drum in December 2005.