SPC Anti-Racism Study Groups

The Peace Council currently has two anti-racism study group projects.

Anti-Racism & White Privilege Study Group
The Anti-Racism & White Privilege Study Group met for its first session August-November 2015. We are planning to run a second session starting in late spring 2016. This group is for anti-racist white people to meet to examine our own white privilege, educate ourselves about institutional racism, and support people of color-led organizations working to dismantle white supremacy. Read more here.

Contact Brian (brian@peacecouncil.net or 315-472-5478) if you are interested in joining the next session.

Poverty & Segregation in Syracuse Study Group
The Poverty & Segregation in Syracuse Study Group will meet twice monthly from January 26-May 3, 2016. Get all the details here.

In recent years Syracuse’s Post-Standard reported about two studies showing that Syracuse is among the top ten most racially segregated cities in the US and that Syracuse has the highest rates nationwide of poverty in communities of color. This group will seek to answer the question, “How did it get this way?” Join us as we examine scholarly and journalistic sources that shed light on policies and practices that reinforced and intensified segregation of poor people and people of color here, in the city where you live. The purpose of this study is to help activists discern the best way for SPC to join the struggle for fair housing policies and an end to poverty in Syracuse and across the country.