Steering Committee

As the leadership body of the Peace Council, the Steering Committee is primarily responsible for matters concerning the organization’s structural and financial sustainability, as well as its overall political direction. We meet monthly to discuss and make decisions regarding SPC’s activities in these areas, working to ensure that SPC staff and volunteers can effectively carry out our Statement of Purpose. The Steering Committee currently has eight members and is looking to welcome more!  Click here to learn more about the Steering Committee Member Agreements and Qualities. If interested in joining, please e-mail Aly Wane at


For general inquiries, the Steering Committee can be contacted at


Current Steering Committee members

Aly Wane

Carol Baum

Diane Swords

Donna Muhs-McCarten

Julio Urrutia

Lleni Pach

Mariana Pernia

Michaela Czerkies



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