Bikes 4 Peace - July 6

By Zacqueline Baldwin on

"Give a man a fish he'll eat for a day , teach man how to fish he'll eat for the rest of his life"

On July 6, 2016 the Syracuse Peace Council kicked off Bikes4Peace pop-up bicycle repair clinics that assist youth in repairing their bicycles promoting cooperative action and a healthy environment.

Shayon,11 years old, came to the clinic with a bike. He said he needed a new tired , but he didn't bring the wheel or the tire to be inspected. While we sent him back home to get the tire. we helped Josiah; his friend of the same age.He was not as shy and quiet as Shayon. We felt that his tires needed air and he insisted he pump them up himself. When Shayon got back we tired to pump the tire and realized it wasn't retaining the air, this meant there was a hole in the tube. Prior to the clinics the volunteers of Bikes4Peace went through two days of in-depth training to learn how to check and change brakes, pump up flat tires, oil the chains,but the mists challenging task is fixing a flat tire. To do this you have to take the tube out the from under the tire by taking the tire off the rim. This may seem like a simple task, but it's a real pain in the saddle. It requires a lot of effort,on the other hand it was a good chance for volunteers to show off their skill to the cameras. 

We much appreciated WAER and YNN to come out and document the first day of the program. (On the websites you can find the recordings and segment of the day.) Volunteers Jenna Lacey, Zacqueline Baldwin, and Maizy Ludden were interviewed by WAER where they talked about why they got involved with B4P and how they see it helping the community. When Shayon and Josiah rode off with their bikes and new skill to repair them, and smiles on their faces; it was an enlightening experience for the volunteers. Often when you help someone you may not get to witness the impact on their lives.
Next weeks bike clinic aspires to have even more children to assist just the same.