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SPC Statement

Not Another Preventable War!

Fri, Mar 22, 2013

Last month, we solemnly marked the 10 year anniversary of the preventable war with Iraq. Around the world, millions of people protested this war, a war based on lies and fabricated intelligence. An agonizing decade followed. Over 4,000 Americans and 100,000 Iraqis died. The effects of the war continue for Iraqis who lost loved ones, who’ve been displaced by chaos, and who suffer from lack of electricity, clean water and jobs. The effects of the war continue for US soldiers who are injured and suffer from PTSD.

SPC Statement

SPC Statement on US Military Aid to Israel

Fri, Nov 16, 2012

As the Israel-Palestine conflict escalates again this week and the world’s airwaves are flooded with images of grieving families holding their dead, we in the United States must once again ask ourselves: Are we a nation of peace or a nation of war?

SPC Statement

Violence Begets Violence: a Peace Council Statement on the Mid East

By Ed Kinane and Andy Mager on behalf of the Syracuse Peace Council
Tue, Aug 8, 2006

The Syracuse Peace Council (SPC) opposes all military attacks on civilians - including Israel's air and ground war against Lebanon and Hezbollah's rocket attacks on Israel.
We condemn the invasions of Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq. We likewise condemn the occupations -- vigorously resisted -- of those bloodied lands.