Beyond War and Militarism (BWaM) is a joint committee of the SPC and the CNY Solidarity Coalition.  

SPC's Statement on Afghanistan (8-27-21)

Statements by Other Peace and Social Justice Organizations on Afghanistan (as of 8-27-21)

Video on May 3, 2022 Forum on "Pathways to Peace in Ukraine and an End to War," featuring Aly Wane, Don Hughes, Khoury Petersen-Smith and Brian Escobar. The action items are listed here.


Statement of Purpose:
Our goal is to increase awareness of the dangers resulting from government and corporate militaristic policies and practices.

The Committee is dedicated to non-violent protest of:

1. United States participation in multiple wars and plans to engage in other wars.

2. the acceptance of nuclear weapons as tools of war.

3. the enormous size of the so-called "defense" budget.

4. the pervasive infiltration of militarism into our culture.

5. the corporate state that is the primary beneficiary and supporter of this militarism.
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Statements by other peace and justice groups on the withdrawal of US troops on the ground from Afghanistan - August, 2021.

Resources on militarism and climate change:

Ed Kinane on "Getting Beyond War and Militarism: The 'To-Do' List" (view the pdf).


Video from Alice's Nightmare in Droneland protest at Hancock Air (Drone) Base in November in Mattydale, NY (near Syracuse). By John Amidon, Dona Nobis Pacem sung by Sheri Bauer


Groups we are strongly connected to:
Our parent groups, Syracuse Peace Council and CNY Solidarity Coalition
World Beyond War affiliate
Upstate Drone Action
We also are strongly connected with Veterans for Peace, Chapter 51