Plowshares Craftsfair & Winter Peace Festival '08

A Brief Report
Over 3,000 people attended SPC's 38th annual Plowshares and Winter Peace Festival, held the first weekend of December at Nottingham High School in Syracuse (mark your calendars for December 5-6, 2009 now!). Saturday saw our largest attendance day ever! With 132 craftspeople and community groups, music, good food and a spirit of fellowship permeating throughout, Plowshares celebrates community and an economy with no corporate headquarters.

Plowshares is also SPC's largest fundraising event of the year. In this time of economic crisis, we were extremely pleased at the large turnout and peoples' choice to spend their limited shopping dollars at Plowshares.

Thank You, Thank You!
Thanks to the scores of people without whom Plowshares would not be possible. Special appreciation to the hard-working and fun-loving folks of the Plowshares Committee (Barb Floch, Lanny Freshman, Emily Friedman, Barry Gordon, Karen Kerney, Rae Kramer, Andy Molloy, Beth Mosley, Marie Summerwood, Mardea Warner).

Thanks also go to the jurors, to our hosts at Nottingham High School, to Steve Morrison and The Mission Restaurant for offering great food and to the many, many, many volunteers who share in the work and joy that culminate in the Plowshares weekend. You are an often invisible but essential part of this vibrant and loving community.

We can't forget the performers, raffle and silent auction donors (see and SPC's dedicated staff.