SPC on 24th District Congressional Race

From the October 2012 PNL #818

The Syracuse Peace Council has a longstanding tradition of not endorsing or working in support of candidates. We realize that the current situation, in which a Peace Council staff member is running for office, has led some to assume that Ursula Rozum’s candidacy is connected to her role on staff at SPC. This is not the case. We do, however, support Ursula’s (or anyone else’s) right to run for office or support a third party candidate.

Like progressive voters in general, Peace Council activists have diverse perspectives on the question of voting for the candidate who is “less bad” vs. taking the initial steps toward building a truly alternative voice within the electoral arena. As an organization, we believe that money dominates elections in ways that undermine democracy and that the larger changes we seek will be achieved primarily through the work of strong social movements. For more detail, see our 2006 statement on elections: www.peacecouncil.net/statements/SPCelections.htm.