Editorial: Thinking Through Solidarity With the Dispossessed: An Introduction to this PNL

From the May/June 2016 PNL#850

by PNL editors

Seven years after the US-backed coup, 30% of Honduras is now allocated to mining concessions. Assassins attack anyone who resists the land grabs. Using David Harvey’s term, it is capital accumulation by dispossession at the barrel of a gun. In Syria, possession of fossil fuels and pipelines is driving the war. Capitalist imperialism makes peoples’ lives precarious. People are forced to move for safety or for employment. Communities are uprooted. The refugees from these wars head to the fortresses of relative safety, the countries of the governments and companies attacking and looting the resources of their homes. In Europe and North America they are greeted by anti-immigrant sentiment, walls, and guards. Refugees from Honduras end up working in the fields of Immokalee, Florida or CNY, with fewer legal protections than other workers. Others wind up in immigrant prisons. What does solidarity mean in these conditions?