Submit comments of concern on the Lakeshore Amphitheater Project by Friday, Sept. 5!

Thanks to all of you who have showed up to the public hearings and put pressure on our legislators to answer the tough questions about this project. But we are still seeking a flood of comments before 4:30 this Friday!

Only have 15 minutes to spare?
The Draft Environmental Impact Statement is a long, complicated document and we know some of you have refrained from submitting comments because you feel you don't have time to sit down and do the research. But please, we encourage you to take just a few minutes and use one of the paragraphs below as a seed for your own comment. Follow the links to get more information from one of our fact sheets. Info on how to submit comments at the bottom.

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Sign a form letter provided by Citizens Campaign for the Environment by following this link. Of course, you can always add personalized comments for greater impact.

Sample comment starters:
Find our complete collection of amphitheater fact sheets here.

Economics: The County has not released a business plan for the Amphitheater or explained whether the project will be profitable. Many other summer-only concert venues need government or corporate support to stay open. Economics factsheet

Health and Safety:  The County is relying on a Superfund “cleanup” plan that has not yet been fully developed or approved to protect public health from this contaminated site. Between this unavailable plan and gaps in site testing, we don’t know whether risks to the public health will be appropriately controlled. Environmental & Health Concerns factsheet

Traffic: The County’s traffic analysis shows that large concerts will create unacceptable traffic problems. The short-term solutions discussed in the analysis (with no cost information) won’t fix the problem and the County acknowledges that undefined long-term changes will have to be developed. Traffic factsheet

Wildlife:  The amphitheater is proposed for one of the last undeveloped sections of habitat along Onondaga Lake. The County inappropriately discounts the impacts of noise, lights, chemical run-off, and intensified human presence on wildlife and ignores issues of habitat fragmentation. Wildlife factsheet

Noise: Even the County’s limited noise analysis shows that concerts will routinely violate local noise ordinances. The only solutions proposed are limited changes to one of four sets of speakers and asking residents to go inside or leave the area for the evening.

Environmental Dangers:  The County is proposing to build the amphitheater on a 40 to 80 feet deep  industrial waste dump. The waste contains hazardous chemicals, some of which are carcinogenic and others capable of vaporizing into the air. The bulk of the wastes are unstable and corrosive, so the County will have to build the amphitheater on top of specially coated steel pilings. Environmental & Health Concerns factsheet

Sacred Lake:  Onondaga Lake is sacred to the Onondaga Nation and the Haudenosaunee, because it was here on the lake’s shores that the Peacemaker helped them form the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, uniting nations under the Great Law of Peace.  This is the birthplace of western democracy and should be an international World Heritage site, not as a commercial venture that will drain tax dollars.

Incomplete Review: The County inappropriately relies on multiple yet-to-be-developed plans to mitigate identified negative impacts and fails to consider a reasonable range of alternatives to this project. The information provided simply isn’t enough to allow the County to balance unavoidable harms against expected benefits, as required under the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA). SEQRA Compliance factsheet

Note: Comments must be emailed to Additionally, please feel free to copy the County Executive and every County Legislator. To do so, copy and paste this email list:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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