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Inspired by having many more articles to share than the new every-other-month PNL publication schedule can print, the PNL editorial committee has embarked on a new project—the SPC Blog. We’re excited to make the PNL more interactive—we’ll be posting PNL print articles as well as special content and look forward to reading the comments and discussions they generate.

Marginalized Memories—Remembering our LGBTQIA+ Siblings in Orlando and the Systemic Injustices that Link Us All

Freedom to Boycott at the State Fair

August 25, 11am-1pm at the Front Gate of the Great New York State Fair

Join New Yorkers from across the state at Governor's Day at the Great New York State Fair to affirm our Freedom to Boycott! We expect the Governor to attend the opening of the Fair, but don't know what time. In addition to speaking out for our freedom to boycott, this is also an opportunity to reach thousands of Fair goers with our messages in support of Palestinian human rights.


Weaponized Drone Resistance Strong

Mary Anne Grady Flores released from jail. After completing 49 days in the Jamesville jail, Hancock drone resister Mary Anne Grady Flores was released on March 7 pending the NYS Court of Appeals decision on whether it will consider her case. Her case hinges on the validity of the order of protection granted to Colonel Evans of Hancock Air Base. Orders of protection are generally issued to protect vulnerable people from domestic violence; she had been arrested for ostensibly violating this order while standing in the road outside the base and photographing peaceful drone protesters. She had been sentenced to six months.

Hancock 31 trials are finally over. The last of the Hancock 31 drone resisters have been tried, three years after their nonviolent civil resistance action. Mary Loehr and Cynthia Banas took pleas and Harry Murray went to trial and was found guilty of trespassing. Harry’s sentencing was March 10; he received a conditional discharge and a fine and surcharge totaling $325.

Harry’s powerful sentencing statement is at peacecouncil.net. He challenged the judge to engage in dialogue, and the judge did. The video is a must-watch. We’ll announce via the spcannouncements listserv when it’s up (to sign up for our low-volume listserv, go to peacecouncil.net/stay-in-touch or contact Carol).

SPC Joins Urban Jobs Task Force

SPC has recently become a member of the Urban Jobs Task Force. UJTF is a collaboration of groups and citizens dedicated to creating a local economy that provides good jobs and job training for local communities of color and low income families, and more opportunities for local woman- and minority-owned enterprises. Recently UJTF has been focused on the potential development of Syracuse’s Inner Harbor, demanding jobs for city residents and protesting a tax deal made with the developer. We at SPC look forward to working more closely with them.

Urban Jobs Task Force Sign their petition on the Syracuse Resident Employment Ordinance here.

SPC In Action

Cheney Protest

Paul St. Amand with VFP flag and Syracuse Peace Council members protest VP Dick Cheney at Ft. Drum in December 2005.