In Middle East, US Relies on Military Solutions (As Usual)

Help SPC compile resources about this developing situation!

The Peace Council's leadership and core activists are in the process of developing a statement in response to the President's announcement last night that the US is preparing for an ongoing war against the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL). We are currently gathering and sharing resources, and we want your help! Below find links to a few of the articles that we've been reading this week, and we invite you to share articles with us as well. Please send a few links (and if possible, a sentence or two of synopsis for each) to We'll check them out and share what we get in Monday's e-newsletter.

View the links we've gathered and stay updated by visiting this page.


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Cheney Protest

Paul St. Amand with VFP flag and Syracuse Peace Council members protest VP Dick Cheney at Ft. Drum in December 2005.